Stack Panes

Stack panes arrange their children in layers, like a stack of transparencies. Unlike card panes, which show only a single component at a time, stack panes always display all of their child components. Components with a higher z-index (position within the stack pane) are painted on top of components with a lower z-index.

The following example shows a stack pane containing an image view and a label. The label is layered on top of the image:

The BXML source for the example is as follows:

            <Window title="Stack Panes" maximized="true"
                    <ImageView image="@background.png"
                        styles="{fill:true, preserveAspectRatio:false}"/>
                    <Label text="StackPane Demo"
                        styles="{font:'Helvetica bold 64', color:'#ffffff', wrapText:true,
                            horizontalAlignment:'center', verticalAlignment:'center'}"/>

Since this example contains no logic, there is no associated Java source.

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