Panoramas scroll via four directional scroll arrows shown at the top, left, bottom, or right as needed. They are not as common as scroll panes in application development, but are used by other components such as ListButton and MenuPopup to present long lists of items.

The following example demonstrates the Panorama component. It is identical to the previous example except that it uses a panorama instead of a scroll pane:

            <Window title="Panoramas" maximized="true"
                <Border styles="{color:10}">
                    <Panorama styles="{buttonColor:'0xffffffff', buttonBackgroundColor:'0x00000044'}">
                        <ImageView image="/org/apache/pivot/tutorials/IMG_1147.jpg"
                            tooltipText="Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Bristol ME"/>

Since this example contains no logic, there is no associated Java source.

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