Navigation Containers

Navigation containers are used to maximize screen real estate, showing or hiding their children as needed. Navigation containers include:

  • CardPane - A simple "card stack" of components, only one of which is visible at a time.

  • TabPane - Similar to CardPane but with built-in "tabs" for navigation; may optionally be "collapsed" such that only the tab buttons show.

  • Accordion - Similar to TabPane, but subcomponents are presented like the folds of an accordion, with headers for navigating between panels.

  • Expander - Similar to a border but collapsible such that only the title shows.

  • Rollup - Similar to Expander but supports a configurable "header" component; when collapsed, only the header is visible. Can be nested to create the appearance of a "tree" structure.

  • Viewport - Abstract base class for a scrollable region. Sublcasses of Viewport include:

    • ScrollPane - A scrollable area with optional vertical and horizontal scroll bars as well as row and column headers.
    • Panorama - A scrollable area with optional up/down/left/right arrows.

Each of these are discussed in detail in the following sections.

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