Separators are simple components that are similar to a horizontal rule in HTML. They have an optional heading and are generally used to partition content, as shown in the sample application below:

The BXML for this sample is as follows. Note that the box pane sets the "fill" style to true; otherwise, the separator would not grow to fill the horizontal space:

            <Window title="Separators" maximized="true"
                <BoxPane orientation="vertical" styles="{padding:4, spacing:10, fill:true}">
                    <Separator heading="Section 1"/>
                    <Label text="This is the content of section 1."/>

                    <Separator heading="Section 2"/>
                    <Label text="This is the content of section 2."/>

                    <Separator heading="Section 3"/>
                    <Label text="This is the content of section 3."/>

Since this example contains no logic, there is no associated Java source.

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